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Inspired by a blend of classic eastern philosophies and western wisdom, it’s our mission to light the way forward through new pathways in wellness with a premium selection of natural plant-based CBD solutions. Made from the finest ingredients on the planet and created with love.

The Finest Ingredients is our Mantra. The Highest Quality is our Method.

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Time-Tested Properties Of CBD

CBD is one of the most highly coveted components in hemp, a cannabis plant whose properties have been utilized for therapeutic purposes dating back thousands of years to the origins of Chinese medicine. Studies in the modern era continue to support these age-old philosophies with more believers now realizing the positive potential and integrating CBD into their daily lifestyle.

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A Story of Hope & Healing

Looking back on his journey, everything now makes perfect sense to Ty. For those seemingly endless days of pain were destined to serve a purpose. Ask him and he’ll tell you, it was years of suffering from autoimmune disease and severe chronic pain that led him to multiple prescriptions and opioid dependence. Ty knew he needed to find a better way. After all, it was his life that depended on it.

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One CBD is your trusted source for the highest quality CBD products. Founded with the deepest principles of ethical wellness and transparency, we take pride in supplying and sharing only products that we can feel good about. Because with certainty, your wellbeing is always at the center of our universe.

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We are so confident that you will love our products, we offer a money-back guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied, simply return any unused product and we will refund your money.