For thousands of years, CBD products have been used around the world to promote overall wellness with their naturally calming effects. There are a number of ways for it to be consumed such as drops, softgels and candies. It can even be spread on the skin topically as a cream or salve.

It’s no surprise that people are also interested in cooking with CBD. Just like any new ingredient, learning to cook with CBD oil can seem like a challenge at first. But with the right guidance and ingredients, you can safely get started today. Let’s take a closer look at the top four things to consider when you’re cooking with CBD.

Pick The Right Products

Not all CBD oil is created equal. Regulations don’t require that farmers use ethically grown hemp products, so it’s important to find a manufacturer who is committed to making those choices on their own. Look for organic products that are thoroughly vetted by a qualified third party before you start cooking.

Tip: Do your research by looking at product pages and reading reviews on independent sites. Good manufacturers have checks and balances in place to keep them accountable, promote transparency and support better farming practices.

Know Your Measurements

Understanding how much CBD is right for your system is key to getting all the benefits it has to offer. CBD oil and extract should be carefully measured to ensure you’re not using too much or too little. Use recipes that have been developed specifically to include CBD oil. And remember, less is always more until you know how CBD oil will fit into your body’s natural rhythm.

Tip: Potency and hemp varieties often vary across manufacturers and products. For the most consistent results, find a trusted product and stick with it when beginning to incorporate CBD products into your cooking.

Get Creative

Many people associate CBD oil with sweets and other baked goods. While those are delicious, you don’t have to stop there. CBD oil can be used as a spread for toast, drizzled on pasta, or blended into smoothies. Some people even infuse their cocktails with CBD drops.

Tip: Just like with any other ingredient, the flavor of CBD oil works best when it’s carefully incorporated into the dish. Some types of oils work better with sweet recipes like brownies or muffins. Other varieties can bring stronger, savory flavors to life. Know what your CBD oil tastes like before you start baking so you can tailor your dishes accordingly.

Store Your Products Responsibly

While THC-free CBD oil is safe for people of all ages to consume, it’s important to inform anyone who might eat your CBD goodies about what they contain. From allergies to personal preferences, keeping your CBD food products out of reach and clearly labeled can make sure everyone knows what’s on their plate.

Tip: Put your baked goods in a well-sealed container and store them in a cool, dark place for the best results. Just like any other fatty substance, CBD oil can go bad if exposed to prolonged heat and/or moist conditions.

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